Canterbury Inn Beach Cam

Canterbury Inn Ocean Shores
Camera ID: 1364
Source: Washington State Washington State
Camera ID: 1430 Latitude: 37.45343 Longitude: -120.07499
Description: I am an addicted kiter, helicopter, and jet pilot who seeks the wind, waves, METARs, and powder snow almost constantly. Since programming is my passion, I coded in 2014 as my pet project.

The original version was highly inspired by the products from the Swiss company Meteoblue and another project called "Earth", which displayed animated wind particles on the globe.

I have completely rewritten the open source codes of Earth and also made an agreement with Meteoblue to use some of their products at that time. And thus Windyty was born (renamed Windy a few years later).

My goal is to keep Windy small and fast to be accessible in the most remote locations.

Across the Harbor - Westport Cams

Blewett Pass

Camera ID: 0011
Description: The main path between Cle Elum and Leavenworth - Wenatchee areas. 4,000 feet. Lovely in summer and snowy in winter.

Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge Upper Skyline

Upper Skyline Cam Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge
Camera ID: 0013
Description: Higher in elevation means more snow in winter, spectacular drive in summer.

Stevens Pass Ski Gemini Cam

Gemini Cam Stevens Pass Ski
Camera ID: 0341 Latitude: 47.745005 Longitude: -121.089184

Leavenworth Bavarian Lodge, Washington State

Bavarian Lodge in Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington State
Camera ID: 1091 Altitude: 1,100 Latitude: 47.5978 Longitude: -120.6580
Description: View of Leavenworth Bavarian Village front street. Maintained by Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce

Leavenworth Golf Club

Leavenworth Golf Club
Camera ID: 0167 Altitude: 1100 Latitude: 47.583073 Longitude: -120.673149
Description: One of the most pristine golf course in the Northwest located and within a mile of the Bavarian town of Leavenworth. Experience the majestic mountain views, the Wenatchee & Icicle Rivers

Leavenworth Icicle River Trail

Leavenworth Icicle River Trail
Camera ID: 0089
Description: Cross Country ski along the icy Icicle River. A wonderful walk when the snow is gone.

Mountain Home Lodge

Mountain Home Lodge, high above Leavenworth
Camera ID: 0020 Altitude: 5 Latitude: 47.565595 Longitude: -120.645010
Description: From the Mountain Home Lodge. Looking west from the main deck across 20 acre meadow and into the Stuart Mountain Range of the Cascades.

Stevens Pass mountain highway West, Washington State

Camera on western side of Stevens mountain pass in Washington State
Camera ID: 0009
Description: Washington State Department of Transportation Camera at Stevens Pass. Looking West.

Stevens Pass on US 2 East

WSDOT US 2 East Stevens Summit
Camera ID: 0421

Stevens Pass Ski Base

Stevens Pass Ski Base webcam
Camera ID: 0274 Latitude: 47.745005 Longitude: -121.089184

Stevens Pass Ski Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak Cam Stevens Pass
Camera ID: 0340 Latitude: 47.745005 Longitude: -121.089184

These cameras are outside of the area, but may be of interest.

Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan

WEB CAM - Wapato Point Resort, view from Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan
Camera ID: 1425 Altitude: 1120 ft

Chelan Realty Downtown -Cam

North of Chelan– Lake Chelan WA
Camera ID: 1423 Altitude: 1120 ft

Lake Chelan Yacht Club Cam 1

Webcam 1 of Lake Chelan Yacht Club
Camera ID: 0326 Altitude: 1120 ft Latitude: 47.920710 Longitude: -120.209760

Odabashian Bridge

Looking North on 97/97A at Odabashian Bridge
Camera ID: 1424 Altitude: 1120 ft

Wapato Point View from the Club House

View from the Club House - Wapato Point - Lake Chelan WA
Camera ID: 0189

WSDOT Waterville

14 miles south of Chelan, looking SW
Camera ID: 0329 Altitude: 2620 ft